Health & Safety


The management of Velesto Energy Berhad (VEB) is very committed in preserving the quality, health, safety and environment in every aspect of our operation. Our clients' satisfaction and our people, in particular their health and safety, are the primary focus of all our activity. In ensuring that the activities of VEB are not exposed to unwanted Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental impact while performing its daily business activities, we have in place a management system which sets out various QHSE programs, which include, amongst others, the Senior Management QHSE Visit Program. It is a part of the management's effort in demonstrating effective safety and health leadership and to motivate staff to engage effectively in improving QHSE performance.

Adequate and competent resources are provided for the achievement of our excellent QHSE goals. With its experienced and competent personnel, VEB aims at meeting three key objects with every project it undertakes:
- Zero accidents or "No one gets hurt";
- Operate in environmentally friendly manner;
- Excellence QHSE performances.

VEB shall also continually improve its QHSE performance by building and implementing an effective and resilient QHSE Management System.